Tuesday, January 1, 2019

...angels calling

wow - got a impromptu art show at a coffee media cafe on Broadway...

gonna send this in as artist statement...totally informal and crazy...but all true

My work explores memories and experiences; layering images, colors and lines the same way our feelings layer our memories.
...and just for fun --- little things....traveled for 6 month with a gypsy circus at the age of 5, lived in a small village near Florence Italy, walking to school where 4 grades sat in one class room, been bit by a german police dogs 3 times, moved cross country in a van without breaks filled with the music equipment of 4 bands to start a record label in Seattle, lead singer for punk rock band, toured most of the USA, parts of Canada including Edmonds – Montreal, identified my friend and room mate in the morgue, sold art to the vice president of Atlantic records,.... graduated suma cum laude, painted literally hundreds of paintings, have almost 5000 facebook artist friends....have a family with 2 kids..listen to pandora and paint - a lot.

Carla Dreams.com

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