Monday, December 10, 2018

Observations, art = life, life = art

been back to facebook more and i do like the works of my friends, world wide.
Symbols= Language
-shapes are symbolic and so are colors
-we respond without words

i see more and more "scars" on current works of art. The destruction of the surface, the time stamp of permanence is more and more cut into, morphing into something else. a theory i been exploring for some time now

purpose  of symbols. to communicate - a message, a story.

A long time friend of mine and astrologer, posted  old church images of people smiling while having their heads cut off.
....Immediately i looked for the legs...counting the number of legs and how many bodies there were.
one image had 4 heads and bodies but there were only 3 sets of legs. Typical for that time period. the number of legs was not important to thier story

lines and scratches-like scars? rips through time?witnesses of time?
we experience it every day..listen to old messages on the phone, while watching tv and talking to a loved one all at click...all overlaps -the now - the before- all rip through

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