Wednesday, August 22, 2018 isnt all bad

meanwhile i am watching tv, criminal minds. my fav the computer geek and the brainy guy. "native american woman" one says, "they tortured captives, not the man. the woman were brutal and blood thirsty". Hmm, like maenads right? dianysian groupies tearing the flesh of men? ok, i bite. i went to find some proof supporting that quote.

here is an excerpt to a rather lengthy paper, but - wow - is it worth reading. it is not just about torture of captives, but identifies gender bias that was done throughout history.
Hexentanz 1998
Hand him over to me and I shall know very well what
to do with him”:
The Gender Map and Ritual Native
Female Violence in Early America
Felicity Donohoe


"Evidence suggests there may well have been an element of pleasure in torture –it was one of the spoils of war and fulfilled a social release for people through expressions of rage and grief. One observer said women took their time in their violent ministrations in order, “that their death might be slower, their pain more exquisite, and the rejoicing more noted and of longer duration”.For women who committed such acts, it was necessary to embody tribal emotions in their performance,a public display for the benefit of onlookers and participants alike. "

complete paper can be found here: 

---side note: options
i hate option, shall i become an art sub teacher? everyone says i should, you be the sub everyone wants to have they say. i taught a lot over the years, i have fun. or become a web programer, i done coding before - languages suit me, order does too in a work enviroment, i flourish. push the art 100%, the most irrational decision.

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