Thursday, February 14, 2013

coming to America

the brave ones are either courageous or stupid, i never know which one i am, i just do it. it seems the answer lies in what happens next, do you win or loose?
i have spend all of my adult life in america. i moved to a small town in ohio before i turned 19. got myself married, lost on a dare -another story. ohio is real americana, bible belt - the hills-, i learned a lot from the nice folks there. that wasn't going to be it though. i don't "look" for stuff to conquer, it falls in my space, i see more of what i haven't seen and i go for it. lol
next i found myself sleeping in a room, on the floor with 10 some people, and the dreams of starting a record label. i was the closest to insanity then. i had nothing. no room of my own, no car, no job, no family - nothing. i didn't deal well, i remember. but my guardian angel send me a saviour that got me an apartment ( that i later shared with too many). by accident i got a good job and started a carrier one could say as pharmacy technician at providence medical center. i worked there for 14 yeares, while being a "rock star" and living with some of the most eccentric people on the planet.
but i not once wanted to leave
there is a freedom here :)

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