Tuesday, February 12, 2013

remembering basics - tribal identity

german, i am german - with an italian father and living in america.
germans are a special type of tribe with deep set emotions and lots of guilt for what they feel

some of the most brutal movie scenes i have seen came out of movies depicting german brutality during WWII. in spike lee's movie the germans shoot down a church congregations, priest first and a crying baby last. in the movie "the piano" a jewish boy is being beaten to death by a german soldier. haunting scenes - .
as a child i didn't like germans much. my father being italian and my mom not being married made me an easy target. germans have a strong sense of "us" and "them", a strong tribal identity that allows to treat others differently than ones own.

a lot of german art is very brutal and direct, kind of in your face full of anger and doom. it reflect the personality of a culture, the warrior fearless and ruthless. i have tried to "shake" my german heritage, but it doesn't come off. worse - i relate to it, i understand it and feel it. seen from a rational point of view, being german means being strong and in control of your life, while acknowledging the reality of hell.

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