Thursday, February 28, 2013

History - no sugar and spice or anyting nice

"art" is supposed to touch the soul, for better or for worse- encourage empathy, sympathy or simply recognizing the "human condition" as something we all share. make us aware and feel less alone.
i have talked a lot of "tribal identity" and how art styles often identify the location, age and intent of the artist.
 it seems that every generations attempts to form its own identity, its own tribe. the 60's even have an accepted term "the counter culture", which gives them validation and a solid place in history. countless documentaries, movies and plays tell us of how it was then, what changed and all that failed.
recently i saw a play by my friend Gretta called "These Streets". the time of nirvana, a culture of emotions and used clothes. the similarities to the "counter culture" are stunning and so is its demise. bad choices, consumerism, the medias and time killed them all.
the "grunge years" was an important time for women musicians and artists. stepping out of their boy friends shadows, wearing what ever they felt like and raging on stage- because that is how they felt like. make-up was optional, one could be girly,butch, sexy or in between. How you looked was not (that) important.
some great female singers came from this time- rough, tough and real. a generation of women that simply took their right to be equals, expressing feelings that are considered "masculine". they dared to show intense - violent feelings and sugar and spice or anything nice.....but now they are gone as if they never existed (well, not really :)
"if we do not remember history, it will repeated itself" or something like that, right? 

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