Friday, October 7, 2011

production continued, getting bored

as a mother and artist i know all about "zen" activities. doing the laundry, vacuum cleaning can all be meditative- simple activities that can give me a sense of calm...same with priming canvases, mounting prints BUT enough all ready! i yearn to let my mind free, see what i need to say, uncover answers or simply create more questions....i want to work on new projects. my friend has posted awesome photos from her hiking trips (now there is something meditative and soul rejuvenating)
World Towers
and one in particular has caught my eye....but of course that opens up another "can of worms"...using someone else's photo isn't something i do, unless it is a commission. hmm...who made that rule? oh, i did- right. aesthetically and from a creative art stand, is it my creation if i use her photo to start off from?

Three World Towers 2011
20x30 mounted print on canvas
Carla G Art

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