Tuesday, September 27, 2011

sometimes when it is broken- it is broken

20x30 metalic print framed/no mat,  the print started to buckle and wrinkle because it didn't have a mat, i mounted it on canvas, gel impasto over it- gorgeous surface!!! BUT airbubbles from the wrinkles ...so i tried to use the hairdryer and manual pushing with my finger to get them out- then i put more medium on the back to wet down the wrinkles and adhere (didn't work) finally i poked little holes through the canvas from behind and since it still didn't budge i  ironed it...laying paper between the gelled surface so it wouldn't adhere to the iron...thought i was smart...until the paper glued itself onto the painting....ahhhh....should have used cloth...getting the paper off again didn't really work so well, and the heat of the iron had melted parts of the gel/print/canvas surface....sometimes when it is broken- it is broken, get it?!
yes, this is the image i was trying to mount , Mist 2010 art in digital media, Carla G Art Nitkey

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