Saturday, September 24, 2011

...production mode

in the middle of donating art and getting art ready to be donated. it's a good thing. in the middle of preparing canvases, ordering prints.
still not too set on my process...acrylic medium adheres with the fibers (thanks Astrella for telling me that) if i use the medium on the surface, my colors fade. duh...i was wondering what was happening to my staturation and contrast. so gel it is, but gloss or matt? and do certain finishes really need it at all?
making 5x7 mounted canvases- they kind of look precious at that size. not clear on my price- the three 8x8's i had sold within minutes..

miss the creative part. i want to push on -go for what i see in the distance. not the time now...
"Weisse Nelken" 2010  limited edition of 15

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