Sunday, August 14, 2011

! Toys- got a feature show at Alki Arts

i changed to "toys' because i couldn't see another landscape/floral. my work is about "seeing" with your eyes and your....(soul,collective memory, spirit...too many options really). objects have never been the end but a way a to what i see.
...what goes down must come back up :) I got this pisces tattoo of 2 fish going up and down, a break from the traditional sideways thing (which is probably more accurate as a metaphysical depiction?) whatever- got the tattoo to remind me that life is full of ups and downs in cyclic patterns.
-----September 16th, Alki Arts West Seattle 6-9pm, jazzy live music with Steve (from the Daily Flash), wine and oeuvres----- i excited, you bet!

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