Sunday, July 17, 2011

so why toys now?

some month back i asked "why flowers" the answer was they are there and they have color, they are lined up in almost musical formation
i have been looking around, and right now i have had enough of flowers, landscapes and dramatic humans. i have seen more landscape renderings than any body ever should.
my hypothesis, if one chooses to call it that, is that anything will actually be able to turn into "art" with the right focus.
no- no toilet bowls or soup cans. i am talking totally about color and symbolism.
what better symbol than one from our childhood-
what better availability of color and shape-
and in my case accessibility, i have more girl and boy toys than anybody...i have a real problem throwing them away...
so- that's why. that's why toys. ....besides, i haven't seen a lot of art about toys out there. something new to get overloaded with, lol.

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