Friday, July 15, 2011

how to- step by step

block- wooden blocks, yellow-blue-green and red.
1st set up, multiple photos
i like daylight over artificial light, better texture and variety

select photo, straighten if needed
adjust all colors
hue- intensify yellow, red and blue
=important, each color separatelly-
determine mood and dominance of blocks and location
change shadow color of blocks to remove black
=cameras use black way to much- erases all the color
-change black to a color
filter: accent edges, choose medium black (5-19-1)

crop for composition

repeat hue/contrast/light adjustments

painter, essential 5 (comes with the Watcom tablet i use)
brush: flat impasto cloner

=color none, colors will not be changed
i already set my color in photoshop
toggle between original and canvas to resurface important lines and highlights- definition that's kind of it, there is no reason these steps have to be used in this order-none. it's just the way i made this one

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