Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 major changes going on...

the "7 Days in the Life of a Flower Bouquet" series (still going) has guided me through a new process of "print to canvas" method, simply mounting the print to a canvas and then finishing it with a acrylic paint and some more medium.

...using canvases that are larger than the print and some the same size as the print. Just learned that not all paper is the same paper- used a print on art paper and bubbles, bubbles everywhere. what a mess, had to pull it off, wet paint (dark blue) and wet medium. stickier than glue :)
secondly, and really more importantly- i cut it out.
from 'see what i see" to "what is it actually that i see?", wondering where the visual attraction is to "cutting it out" -isolating the element of "awe".
i see psychologically deeper connections.

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