Sunday, April 10, 2011

old ideas and new ideas

to be dedicated to your cause is important, to change your mind is freedom, to remember your past is wisdom
to change ones mind is essential for growth, but to remember how those changes came about is equally important. my friend Kerstin asked me about color and light. those used to be main, absolute essential elements of my art. how, did she ask, could i paint in a basement without natural light? wasn't that contrary to my earlier position when it came to painting?

...things change...becasue my process has changed. working with photographs gives me that element of color. my canvases right now are kind of "blah" very muted in intensity. can't see the color in the basement....

"Union" or "1+1=3" my search for a mate, understanding what i was searching for. (i smile)
plaster- i used to use a lot of plaster. several of my works are low relieves. mixed media,= acrylic, canvas, medium, plaster, medium, acrylic....and so on
acrylic is a plastic and as long as you keep it with acrylics, it is super stable! nothing but fire can break that one :))
magic, or better "magick" (i have a long monologe on what the difference is, with quotations and all, somewhere in these journal pages) i used to use magick elements, often subconsciously. obviously influenced by my surrounding. let's see if there is some plaster in the basement....

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