Thursday, January 27, 2011

Year of the Rabbit approaching...

-true story. Nicolas Cage has this huge dragon tattooed on his back (hot babe). He had read this chinese horoscope at a restaurant and falsly interpreted that he was a dragon. Well, the chinese year doesn't start on january 1st. He is actually a rabbit.
So- the new year is approaching. Metal rabbit- a bit more aggressive than the regular rabbit. 2012? Dragon= like the chinese folk tale of the dragon that eats his tale and the world eats itself, lol. I hate it when I get those thoughts. Thought of possible and absolute self destruction....
I am a magic 22. I do believe in miracles...I know the "other" does exist.
I am done whining. I am going to admit all my ambitions. I am going to follow that what I believe to be true.

I am a magic 22.

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