Friday, January 28, 2011

Art for the Masses and Art for Art's Sake

Who was it-Whistler with his "Rocket"? Introduced the term :Art for Arts sake". Yeah, the same -Whistler's mother. (remember the Bean movie?)
been going back to some of my older works, specifically the "art of the soul I" album on facebook. 1994-2003. in 1994 out of music into "fine" art, lol. artists are artists and the business with artists is the same.
symbolic expressionist,
is what my old friend serge clapa from esoteric art in 1997 (*?)called me. Art
too freaked out for the general buyer. always got good feedback from "my crowd", but they never had the money to buy it.
the floral were a compromise between what a buyer would want and what i feel. every flower has its story. same with the landscapes.
i like bainbridge arts on facebook, always has great brain teasers. A muse...what a cliche, right? I think everyting that can simply "blow me away" can be my muse. a landscape, a flower a body- combination of color and line. ...but emotions pure, the feeling without direct visuals- that's when symbolism steps in.
my goal has always been to combine, create the perfect compromise, that ceases to be a compromise, because its being has become something unique.
inject my work conservative motifs with symbolic expressionism, find the way into the soul while using common pathways

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