Wednesday, January 26, 2011

20/80 how to succed in the art business, but...

is that how to become a good artist, or simply a good sales person? Much is going on, too much to put into words. Talked to my brother today, I send them calendars over the holidays. Unfortunately I forgot to add my name, or website or contact info in the calendars of my recent landscapes. ("Classic" a friend of mine commented.) My brother liked the calendars very much and added "well at least that way you can pay for your little hobby". ... My grandfather was a painter during the WWII and we kids heard all about the tragedies that his little hobby caused. My brother is a successful banker, but not anything like Theo VanGogh. He is still hoping that one day I will grow out of this and become a normal person, responsible, productive and successful.
It's not like I am not trying...but the skeletons in my (psychological) closet are holding me back
I don't like promoting myself, it makes me feel- yucky? and I am afraid I'd submit the wrong pictures or to say the wrong thing (and I do that often enough). I dislike spending money on my work...what if nothing ever comes back? I hate talking about money when selling art, I'd rather give it away...
I have been following great discussion on facebook, and most revolve about how an artist can become successful. Generally it ends the same way: many different styles, many different tastes- get out there show yourself, talk to others, show art-talk-make connections. Funny. Most artists are rather private and shy. I once had a solo show and this gallery owner came in. He knew I saw him- but I was too shy to talk to him. lol, that's me.
20/80 maybe. I am too old to be afraid of childhood ghosts- what do I have to loose? The pain of failure? well, I am really failing if I am not REALLY trying.

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