Tuesday, January 11, 2011

too many paintings- not enough time

currently working on 3 canvases, planing to work more on 3 additional and stripping 4. and i want to do more digital media (working on one with fairies (water transportation, not very happy with what i got so far, probably have 8-9 different attempts, but no keepers)
again the questions pops up "why paint/ do art"? why do any art? poetry, music? external/internal. bringing the inside out? but what is so interesting about what i do? why do it?
had this sculpture teacher in college. die hard conceptualist. lol. he hated painters.
to be honest, i don't relate much to conceptualist art. i mean, i get it. but i don't feel it.
in comparison to others, i am a rather intellectual person. always distancing our world from emotions by analyzing and rationalizing reality. i don't want my art- the one i see and create- to be full of reason and deductions and statements.
so why paint? why do art? to feel, to feel feelings, notice feelings, perceive and experience anew.
-oh and color, color is THE gateway to that what is hidden

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