Wednesday, January 5, 2011

...dropped of work at Alki Arts

Just dropped off 2 paintings at Alki Arts. In the bright gallery lights, next to other artists works, my pieces ( 2 canvases) look rough, raw totally unpolished. …. Yeah and a bit sloppy, lol. I always wanted to do punk rock paintings…what does that mean? What is punk rock?…ahh, not going there :)
Originally my aim in creating art was kind of punk rock- art was not there to be exchanged as currency. My art works were not to out live me. I remember my friend Rebecca (hi) who has this intense imaginary Italian cityscape, being really upset that the work was breaking off at the edges. (I had bought this odd painting board that would turn into egg shells after I was done with it, oops…)
…now historically speaking, artists in the 60s were painting on unprimed canvas so the work would “eat itself” over time. (oil on bare canvas allows this fungus to live and ultimately destroy the canvas)…pufff
oh and btw, You can always drop in at Alki Arts and take a look. Lot of great local art right by the water

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