Friday, October 29, 2010

Painting on printed canvas

I got the canvases from Imagekind.Nice craftsmanship on the canvases. Good color-I think...I am a horrible record keeper and there are several digital versions of "Rapture" out there. maybe it was an older version and that's why the colors aren't as good as I had hoped for. It's no problem, since it is on canvas I simply go into the artwork and paint on it. The first steps are always scary- like what if I mess it up? What if I ruin it? Then I remember, you can't really ruin a piece of art that just evolves (well, most of the time)That's what it is doing- evolving into a new version, a new piece.
So now I paint on the printed canvases and each one turns unique. I'll have to take photos of that now to document the work before I sell it. From digital to digital and canvas in between.
I guess that fits into the category of Pop Art. Now a way to integrate the digital, modern aspects...

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