Thursday, October 28, 2010

Facebook and the Tower of Babylon

When I was a little girl in germany my favorite book was "Mythology from the Eastern World". In there was the story of mother earth and her daughter, who was more beautiful than anybody else. Well soon the towns people got envious and mean to her daughter and mother earth made it so that the towns people each spoke a different language and couldn't understand one another anymore. Sounds familiar? The story of the "Tower of Babylon" exists pretty much in all countries, all languages but in different forms. The basic story is always the same:
1. people do something they are not supposed to
2. people wake up and can't understand one another any longer, each speaks a different language. ...maybe it all happenend..wonder which version was the true one?
Facebook. Now I have friends in Italy, Germany, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, India and Saudi Arabia and more. I am not an exception, but probably the rule when it comes to artist facebook accounts and pages. facebook allows us to reach across the globe, having conversations and exchanging ideas. The world is shrinking, we are once again turning into one human turning back.. What's comes next? A tower to reach the stars again?

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