Saturday, October 16, 2010

by Mike Darnell, "Why am I a Digital Artist?"

I really like what he has to say:
(by Mike Darnell)
"Why am I a Digital Artist? I perceive my creative process as a digital one and value it as such. I, together with the rest of my generation, am a child of the digital revolution. My life has developed in parallel to the development of the microchip and central processing unit. The digital revolution is without doubt the single most influential factor on the world I live in and the reality I experience. My involvement with art owes much of its existence to the affinity I feel for digital technologies and the online world. I enjoy the thought that thanks to these new technologies my art is available to anyone connected to the web with no need for mediation of any form - this is a first hand connection between myself, my art and YOU! : )"

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