Friday, October 15, 2010

Day after the show

so...freaking awesome :)
I don't know how to juggle, I mean really juggle ball- but I know people who do. The key to success is to NOT watch the ball you throw but the one you catch. I have been "throwing" and "catching" without the watching. Do without expecting.
I never forget being in the Rathouse (word from the past) and cleaning the kitchen that was being shared by 5+100 people (we had lots of parties there). Nobody ever cared if it was clean or not, but I can't cook in a way below acceptable, hygienic horrifying environment. I learned to clean not for praise or recognition, but for me- simply because it had to be. without expectations...because it has to be.
....however, I have to admit that I feel well appreciated and rewarded right now :)
2 canvases and 1 print at the art reception last night. Several post cards and lots of interest and serious questions on commissions. Many people were mesmerized by my technique and couldn't hear enough about it.
The Alki Arts gallery had 3 of my old paintings. Diane left me a message and told me that she sold one of them, that was a couple of days ago. Today I went there to pick up the 2 that didn't sell, and she comes back with 1.....yeap, sold another one.
I am simply beyond myself (unfortunately I am kind of tired, -wine, coming home late and up with the kids at 6 to make lunches...)

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