Sunday, October 17, 2010

Folding the landscape like an accordion

was looking at the old "Seattle City of Gold" painting. I was painting that when I lived n the CD and had no view of Elliot Bay. Everything I painted was by memory and mental importance. Looking at the true view at Elliot Bay and the Seattle landscape I realize that one can't really combine all those Seattle landmarks unless it is a very long and skinny art work, like the ones I sold at Alki Arts.
To create a more "meaingful" seattle city scape and still capture all the landmarks, I will fold the landscape like an accordion, layer elements behind each other. How? not sure, but I know what I want. ...which has to wait a week or so...first I have to get better prepared for the elementary school project on wednesday. "Mimicry, the difference between honey bees and buble bees and what details mean when one draws/paints something..."

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