Wednesday, September 22, 2010

some pieces are simply a bust, have a show coming up in october

there are always some possible works of art that I can't get together. I used to have that problem when I painted...ended up over painting them, trying desperately to find that what I could almost see and totally imagine, but simply couldn't put my finger-brush on.
the nice thing about new media art/ digital painting is that i can go back in time and revisit a previous version. start fresh without going back to the beginning. cool. i do like this medium, as controversial as it is-. some elements do remind me a lot of printing and print making. but then i paint on them and treat them as paintings. fun stuff, i generally feel very satisfied with what i get....with the exception of some, they simply don't want to come together as a successful work.

have a show coming up in october at windemere, and i am trying to expand my body of available art. Digital Pop Artist, in the footsteps of kincade, lolol.

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