Thursday, September 23, 2010

art in the class room, 2nd grade "mimicry"

(lesson plan changed later)
curriculum night
i want to be a part of my daughters academic experiences, and i have volunteered as guest art teacher since my daughter started grade school. so i am going to put a lesson plan together and present it to her new teacher. i want 2 days. preferably 1 after the other, 30 minutes each.
Proposal for 2nd grade art project
intro: connection between art and the sciences

1st day
looking for details
-details are important to identifying a honey bee and not be fooled by a bumble bee
Bees and bumble bees
Pretending to be a bee, mimicry

Slide presentation
Specifics “What is a bee (3 Slides)”
-close up /fuzzy hairy, big eyes –dark buttom
-can looks like another insect –an ant, flee
-insect legs
what can trick us
- what we to need to see to identify a bee
how to express what we experience by using details
2nd day

bumble bee and mimicry
copy abstract details to pretend to be a bee

Abstraction for identification
1. yellow black blob = bee
2. head =bee. Big eyes
3. total detailed body =bee
instruction notes
5 books on bees, fiction and non fiction available after 1st session for 2weeks

day 1
slide presentation and discussion
total time 20minutes

have kids decide what medium they want to work in, pencil/pastels/water
-group kids by choice of art medium

seat kids by choice of art medium
5 slide review
-example on how to paint/draw a bee via projector and corel painter program
do art

landscape art

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