Thursday, September 16, 2010

My New Website- a new name for a new era :"Carla G Art"
Serge, influential webmaster and art patron gave me the name "Carla G Symbolic Expressionist". The name served me well for close to 13 years. I am who I was then, but more now. Same person, but different. My approach to life and to art have crystallized more, -I know more about what is important.
New media art, digital painting, digital art= whatever- is a beautiful medium. I take the structure of an image from a photograph, refine it, set it into painter and sometimes even paint on the printed gallery wrap - that was made of the digital image. Delicious :) I mean, how could it get any better?
...nothing like Carla the symbolic expressionist, that painted medium to large canvases.
Sure, the most deep impressions, searches and questions I have are the same. I am still me, but different.
Carla G Art
precise but simple

impressionist posters

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