Wednesday, August 4, 2010

...and my head is spinning

so much going on, I need a personal planner. I am working on photos turned painting, on original canvases turned digital, commissions and splats. Meanwhile I joined to keep my house cleaned by following her daily suggestions and weekly outline....incidentally, I think I will try to create my own daily/weekly career outline. Daily I spend 15min on a specific project/ hotspot and weekly I choose one area of my artistic career adventures to work on.
I have been using imagekind as some kind of portfolio and to upload prints for sale. I still need to subdivide the "nitkey" website and create a stand alone art site as well. I have joined several newslists on digital art, and I am investigating art shows and expos.
The big new thing of course is "splat-art" my new employer :)
It feels good to do more art again. However, I am approaching it all a bit confused and mixed up. It is hard to concentrate and be effective when I am going without direction. ..oh, got a new bio.. Now I need to make a good plan on how to proceed. Time for planning, exposing, developing and creating. I work well when I know what I am supposed to be doing....

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