Thursday, May 20, 2010

new bio- long form

I hate those things, I always have way too much to say...condense, condense...well this is the long form- in progress. format from old to new. Maybe not the best order? got to think about it...
I have always enjoyed photographs, but being able to artistically manipulate them gives me full freedom of expression. To pick and choose, change and move is an optimal experience.
My very first job in the America was a “deluxe airbrush artist” for Olan Mills Portrait Studios. First I learned how to spot imperfections, later I mastered creating full facial features and details. This was all done by hand with pencil, chalk, airbrush and a lot of lacquer. During that time I decided on a liberal arts education and began my art education.
I attended the Fine Arts Program and graduated cumma sum laude with a fine arts degree, major in painting.
The following summer I visited New York City University where I had been accepted in the Master of Fine Arts program.
Instead of moving to NY, I decided to join 30some musicians and move to Seattle. We founded a DYI collective recordlabel , “Rathouse Records”. I joined a band and toured most of the US and Canada, having some minor releases.(this “Punk Rock” segment is to large and departs from my fine art career to include at this time and place)
In 1994, after the collective had folded, I returned to painting, exhibiting and selling numerous art works. (some more I would sell later, once I already stopped painting)
2003 my daughter was born and my artistic outlet changed.

2006 to present visual new media art

Visual new media enhancement of portraits
commissions: 3

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