Friday, May 14, 2010

WS Art Walk and summary of the last month

lets get the headlines: art walk, smaller version of the downtown walk, more neighborhood like, still the same basic concept and dynamics. Possible is what you believe to be possible.
Good connections, friendly faces and excitement with some, trouble with others, exposure to new ideas, old ideas and individualism.
Different venues, different demands- so what do I want to focus on? Flowers are generally an easy sell to the family next door. ...and I am good with flowers. flowers are innocent but equally complex, abstract and concrete all at the same time. "angelinas" want springy, summer images... I'll have a show there in June. June seems to be the hot month. Freshy's with NMA of people, Cottage Lake with kids and Angelinas with a huge wall for "springy- happy stuff".

blocks paintings

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