Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update 1st Grade Art Project

Fun, interesting, successful-
First off- I had 3 volunteers- absolute super! It was controlled chaos and the kids had a great time with it.
First I introduced myself and what art can be. We went from visual art to music- music is one of the art forms most people have access to, and they are more familiar with the different styles. We spoke about happy music, quiet music, crazy load music and scary music. Then we talk about their experiences with scary pictures, happy pictures and crazy wild pictures. My final question was: what are you not supposed to do when you create art…yes, you can scribble, erase, paint over, splatter, smudge and copy. Not to try- to do nothing is the only mistake you can make.
They all found their nitch. The pencil detailers, the smudgers, the color blobbers and even those that like to build found their creation. Incredible really
On the sad side My own daughter is simply having a real hard time with it. She did good, held back the tears, but sad. Of course it bothers me. How am I supposed to deal with it? What went wrong? She holds herself back and I don’t know how to help her to express herself. She sticks so to the rules that she misses out. Wanting to please doesn’t allow her to please herself…. However, I just remembered that she was great at the planning stage- great suggestions, good insight. I should help her jumpstart into the execution stage, make her more at ease..next time I ask her to help me.

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