Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remembering to look, 1st Grade art project #2

Early on babies learn how to read facial expressions. However, when it comes to identify those expressions on paper, most people have a hard time. The second art project will be about looking and recreating facial expressions on paper. I did this with the kindergarden class last year and it was a lot of fun and turned out really good.
First we'll talk about faces and why a face looks angry, happy and so on. I think I'll use a volunteer to sketch while we are still sitting in a circle. Mostly eyebrows, mouth and eyes express feelings in a face.
The kids will choose a partner and first draw the face with oil pastells and later use a watercolor wash to finish with. Hopefully the watercolor wash will not cover up the initial drawing.
Now got to think about specifics...
I also want to touch the subject of "pretty art" and art that looks "real" aka photographic realistic. Art is about emotions and not about making a piece look like a photo...or it being pretty

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