Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1st Grade school project starts soon

Quick update
my son lost my drawing pen to the wacom bamboo tablet, so I can't work on photos right now. To make matters worse, my touchpad on the computer broke so I have to use an external mouse to use the computer...part of the life of an artist and human, s%#t happens.
Getting ready for the 1st grade class projects. Have to admit it is taking me a bit of work to get the enthusiasm I had when I first planned it all. Good practice, I guess working with delayed artistic inspiration energy. However, I am getting it back, while it does seem a little more scary now, ideas and planning concepts are coming back.
1.notify parents of projects, have them collect the materials, sand, feathers, pebbles and hair.
2. itemize and organize proper tools and materials
3. check all materials, plan artistic space (class room placement)
4. set up teaching plan w intro, participation during demonstration and finally execution.
-which samples of work do I want to bring, VanGoghs line drawings ect.
_I'll need yogurt containers that have the right dimensions, they can't be too deep or the water/paint will spill over if they leave the brushes inside...
Start time? second week in dec, 1:30- 2:30 class time
I could find out if somebody can/knows how to make frames to celebrate the kids creativity.
toy digital art

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