Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo Art- print vs painting

Lately I have been turning photos more into "prints" instead of "paintings". Has its own following, positive feedback.
I remember when I took printmaking classes (I do have a minor in printmaking)my mindset was very different than when I was taking painting classes. Somehow a different way of looking and defining space and object. Some peoples artistic sensitivity responds to a painterly way and some to a more printerly view. I can switch between the two, while the painterly is the one I respond mostly to.
...the photo
I like the "mark" the computers makes on the image. The time it takes to manipulate a photo into painting is the same as it takes me to make it a semi print. I am the one "pushing the creative instrument" even if it isn't a brush. Still want to see what they all look printed and possibly stretched onto canvas...patience, little children grow up too fast the way it is :)

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