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October 2005

No time, no time. Between regular day to day activities I manage to work some on art photgraphy, but I barely have the time to print it out or to publish it on the web. Again it is late night and I know early tomorrow morning this little, but powerful voice will call me with "Mommy"{, "Mommy it's time to get up- I am done now". Still I want to at least leave some thoughts for the future.

With the work I have done with photographs I don't know if I ever will be intersted in working in paints- at least not on the human figure. I feel comfortable to say now that it is art, since I am never able to duplicate waht I have done prevously, no 2 photos are the same. Of course there are added difficulties that have to do with the medium, rarely will the monitor show me what the print does- maybe the reason to switch over to an Apple, but I have never been a computer snob.

The newest challenge is to tranfer images from video camera to film to print. Probably most freedom as well, since the subject is unaware at times and open to movement. I am still as I was, so much older- not really wiser- just slower and somewhat calmer. The base of my brain remains the same, so will my art- basically the same just in different colors and shapes and mediums.

Oh and by the way, I was at the Bauhaus a local cafe and in the bathroom I saw this writting:

"One day it will be 12/21/2012 and it will be all over"

Future- as oooobscure as it has always been- the trumpets are blowing, I hope mine will be ready.

September 1st,2004

Well, took some time the last couple of nights and worked on art photos. Over the last year I have been doing a lot of work with and on photographs, mostly for Leilani's Website and personal photo albums. Remove here, lighten there- add this and so on. Pretty much mundane stuff, but I did learn a lot. Now I decided to try out some more artistic work with the photos I have and the newly acquired skills I have obtained.

I never been the person to work with photos as art. I took some required classes in college, won some prizes- but for the purpose of art and expression I always prefered the brush and direct hands-on experience. I kind of look down on those who use photos in their painting and prints. Why do a painting off a photo? Seems kind of redundant. I guess I still feel that way.I have never looked down on photographers, they are their own type of art- not trying to use painting that's for sure.

So what am I saying? Well, I don't know. I am simply expressing myself the way it is possible right now. That is all that matters to me.

August 30th, 2004

Leilani is getting more and more independent, giving me the time to think about art again. I don't really know what medium I want to start with- something easy to control and clean up, so I can work with Leilani or while she is asleep. I don't really like pencils much, but brushes and paint is out of the question.

I want to introduce Leilani to paint soon. I think she'll have fun making a mess :)

I wonder what my first pieces are going to look like, and I wonder what I choose as subject. I feel less uptight about it all than I used to. Taking time off has helped me to gain perspective on art and what I think about it.

I will go to the art store and find some supplies- maybe even a print ...


I reloaded my complete web domain, from scratch. Still working out the details, missing links and connection... Unfortunately I lost the entry I made a couple of days ago...

Well, many people have asked me if I have been painting since the birth of my daughter Leilani. I guess I am busy enough taking care of her (with the help of my husband/ who is the best Dad in the world :). I don't miss painting.

I have never been one of these artists that believe life is supposed to be suffering and tragic. I have always believed life is supposed to and can be beautiful. I remember when I sang for the band, I didn't paint- way to busy composing lyrics and creating music. Now I sing to Leilani and I hope to help create a beautiful life for her. In astrology the house for creativity includes children...I am very happy and satisfied, life is beautiful.

I know that when the time is right, once Leilani is older and I can go into my studio again, I will start painting again. The nice thing about being a painter is that there is no age limitation- one can be 80 and be a painter, and I probably will be.
decided to put art on Put together a calendar for 2004 and started working on other merchandise. Nothing specifically set so far, mostly experimenting with it all. My store on cafepress is located at:
Today was the West Seattle Art Walk, nothing I haven't seen before... I want to try to become part of it in 2004, mostly to start up a buyers database again.
Vicente McKee the son of Charles and Mary Ann McKee, owners ofWedge Mountain Winery in Peshastin, Washington, a small winery, is going to have me as their featured artist in October. I feel really good about it :) He really enjoyed my "Elliot Bay" painting I did last year. Their website is at:

Been a while now, the "secret" project has been completed. I would like to announce the birth of my daughter Leilani. During my pregnancy I considered it more important to "create" a healthy- happy baby than to take the chance of harming her with chemical fumes and substances from the art supplies I use. Of course there was enough to do with decorating a nursery and preparing a imaginative environment for her, but generally that does not fall into art but crafts. (which is another issue one could talk about).
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