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temporarily not entering new thoughts- will explain work being done- but secret
Art Detour is over now- sold one piece so far, possibly more down the road. However, I do have a complaint- gripe- I spend money to be part of Art Detour, but not one single person showed up that I didn't invite! I mean, what do I need Art Detour for? So- I'll have it again, without Pratt or any other sponsor. I had a great turn out, lots of fun and sold. -sorry-
Totally forgot about the slides and the slide table. Need to clean that up and organize it some today. Don't know if I have the right stretcher to stretch the Black Rock painting... starting to get a bit nervous I will all be fine, right?!
This coming Saturday- Art Detour. Of course I am not ready, but I never am. I still haven't gotten my art from the Eldergreen. Kind of don't really want to take it all out of there...people can always go there and look at the work there..besides it's all old stuff anyway. I enjoy painting with the palette knife again. I love my new studio- simply feels right. Now we'll see what Art Detour will do, should be fun anyway-. Need to get the refreshments, clean up my studio and restrech Black Rock....
Art Detour is around the corner. Happens September 28th at my house on the water. Getting ready, which of course is confusing. What to do? Make postcards for people to take home? How many invites and who should get one? (by the way- if you are reading this and you would like an invite, drop me an e-mail) Which paintings to show and where to hang them? Should I go back into the Elliot Bay painting? I don't like it, but I have to understand that it really looks and feels that way when I look at Elliot Bay. So I am undecided, since I did paint a very abstracted version of it separately already. Should I - or shouldn't I?
Painted a great floral- totally impressed by what happened, but don't have a slide yet. At times I feel overwhelmed by all the stuff I want to get done. Luckily most of the time I find it entertaining.
Rearranged my landscape, floral and symbolic portfolio, not finished but getting there. The programming and computer education I am getting at my day job, is helping me to understand the program of art software better. Abel to do things quicker and more efficiently- well, some anyway.

Holidays are over, well almost- New Year's is still coming. Anxious to paint more, sending out portfolios and getting new slides done.
Been also working on the website...updating, fixing theme.
Wow- it's been 6 weeks since I wrote. Art at the Eldergreen is up, looking good. The place is so much fun, very inspirational. I will be selling the "Band" painting tomorrow. :)
The reception went well, good atmosphere. Now we are kind of planing to have another reception around February. Working on press releases and gathering all the information on the artists. Now there are a total of 8 (I think).
Working on the end stages of the "Eliot Bay" painting. It is 4 1/2 feet by 5.
I already paid for the set up fee to have slides done, middle of January.
So many plans...

The art at the Eldergreen actually is up for viewing now. The Eldergreen is showing a total of 5 artists, from painters to metal sculptures- looks great. Its opening is coming Wednesday, and then people can go there have a cup of coffee and take a look at all the work. If you are in the area it's at:
West Seattle
5612 California Ave. SW, Seattle 98136, bus line 22 and 54.
I have reworked the "Current Work Art Gallery", with most of the works that I have available right now. It isn't done, but the skeleton shows all the work and links to larger versions of the images.
I have painted the Elliot Bay view of Seattle from West Seattle a total of 4 times now. I am planning to finalize the series by painting a very large version- made of "blobs of paint", well see how that comes together. As always I am excited to paint over sized, 4x5 feet or so, but I am also slightly always takes soooo much paint, paint is money, money....who needs it- but no money no paint..duh...

I hope to get my stuff together to enter an art competition on Nov 24th. 10 sides. bio. statement, the works. Don't know which pieces, and as always- don't have slides of the new ones.

actually made 3 new galleries, one of which is the one with photos from Chelan
and also reworked the landscape and flower gallery on the main art site (landscapes) (flowers)
Want to print out more images...

I already wrote some yesterday, but then somehow the program crashed and it all was lost...
Working in 2 places right now, got a small studio set up in West Seattle. Working on the 5th piece right now- a floral, testing out the new space and then I want to paint a large version of the Seattle Elliot Bay view I have been painting. Kind of use the real with the works I have done before.

Let’s try a more complete entry.
Working on the large, semi abstract landscape I started some time ago. Being influenced by world events, and the fact that most of my paint is on site in West Seattle; the painting is mostly black-red and white. Kind of looks spooky…like the foreground is all fertile and the back has this gray and there is this raven disguised as a cliff. least that is what it looks like right now..
I am confused about the direction I should take career wise. I am tired of the coffee/restaurant bar shows. Have been for some time now. What I want is to be discovered- funny stuff. Not for the fame, as much as for the ability to show and sell my work. Be heard and understood maybe?
I am good, and I have something others want. Now to find them is the trick.
(sure I realize that this is much more complex than that- biz stuff, but that is where I am stuck)
Meanwhile, done a small seattle landscape- took 2 hours. Now I am ready. My plan is to do a large scale Seattle landscape by using my 1st painting and being on location. Maybe 4x5 feet or so.
The shows are up, but I haven’t done any real pr on it. The cards got stuck in their tracks- bad, bad- but understandable- I can’t get excited about those shows….
Arrogant- I know….stupid probably..

Over 2 month since I wrote. Been too busy to work on the websites, need to update many links and information. Working on the PR for the 3 artshows I have up. Just made the nex website link to it.
Solo Shows CarlaG, Fall 2001
Have thousands of ideas for paintings in my head. Been doing seattle landscapes on location. realistic to impressive. Have great stuff for more landscapes and also have a floral and need to continue working on the large one I already started. Also doing crds for the shows, and magnets and new postcards for sale...not enough time, not enough time..

Just realized the internet journal is now 4 years old, started 7-9-97. Mia was murdered July 7th 1993.
....where to start...summer, lots of stuff going on.
Amy, my agent is absolutely great. She has my art work booked until the end of the year with the exception of November. Be great to get a show with a gallery for November.
Went to the art walk last week, hooked up with Niilarte. He is absolutelly mesmerizing, he is inspirational with his romantic ideas of art. Art as a force, being a "slave to Art" and so on. Maybe I agree with him... Now he is running this gallery space downtown and wants my art in it.
...hmmm, let's see... ;0)
Going to the Henry with Christine on Friday. She is part of the George Town art thing, kind of want to see what is going on there. Sounds intersting and worth it. Besides, be nice to get to know Christine. She ran the Shoe Building for years....
Thursday evening I am going to the BreakRoom. Kerstin is painting while bands are performing and has invited me to join her. Sounds like fun :))
...enough for now, while I do need to work on Burning Man. Greeters Meeting at the Fey Abbey on Friday or Saturday night, have to check. ...would be fun.
working with the window idea again. Windows and mirror, the reflection of the water= all the same stuff, psychologically speaking. Generally I have been using the "inside -out" motif. The viewer is inside looking out. Now I want to turn it around. Outside looking in. Going to use it for the orange painting. Somehow painting the inside orange seems to be more feasible.
***Burning Man side note: got the ticket to Reno, now how do I get all my stuff there? 12 gallons of water. bicycle. tent, food? Getting to Burning Man is a piece of art in itself :)) ***
June 15th
Just got back from the art opening at the Market Art Center...lots of stuff going through my head. Don't think I have ever done that before, 2 art shows back to back. Feel confident- somehow I think I am getting it, getting it down- starting to be able to communicate and being understood. Has nothing to do with words- all about color, emotions- memories and associations, good. Reaching into the essence of human experience, that what makes us all members of one species.
Art shows are good, great feedback- growth.
Have too much to say to be able to put it down, need to digest. But one more thing, people often ask me what I am trying to say, specifics- when I try I realize that there is too much too say, that it takes to long to say it all and that I always miss something. In the end I fail in defining what I am really, totally, completely trying to say with a painting. ...duh... that is why I paint, because I can't put it into words, into a sentence or even two.
Nice- got a smile on my face :)
June 1st
my place is so empty now, took 60 pieces of work to Amy's today.
It feels nice to have those pieces out of here-, it is like moving those old thoughts and previous ideas out , ready to replace with new ones. I have several pieces in my head right now. I think, looking at all my work, that I finally figured out how I want to use the material "acrylic". For the moment anyhow... I like the rough feeling of acrylic straight on virgin canvas. That dryness- it kind of reminds me of frescos on plaster walls.
I actually made a spread sheet of all my current works, and put it on a website. Current Works available.
Now a Burning Man art side note: I will do the angels of the kabalah as mendhis at BM. They are most beautiful symbols and feel very much like joung love, innocent and pure. I will research them more deeply.
Art and Life
Sunday May 20th, 8:25pm
We all have to agree that there is more to life than the objective. We all know about death, and the multiple levels of reality we live in. Art speaks of those depths within our existence. Art should never be an accessory; but one of the necessities of our daily life.
Art reaffirms that life is obscure and beautiful.
.....going to make that the plaque for my art shows coming up.
Been working sooo much. Time is such an odd element- I made the last entry only 9 days ago, and so much has happenend. I got stretcher, stretched- repainted, got invites printed and cut (most off) meet Amy several times, got an e-mail list going, finished the website for the 2 shows. While at my day job a goblin sits within the computer and plays tricks.
But I feel good :) Looking forward to the shows coming up- . New works- different stuff, more meaningful to me. Hope I get it all together in a coherent way. It's all there- but it isn't all that simple. What do I except, I am a multifaceted person, my work is going to reflect that. I am one person, and my work is one- but to get that across- is as hard as having people understand me...., whatever- still looking forward to it.
Friday may 11th, 2001
back from Germany- was very beautiful :) Saw many of grandfathers paintings again. Very beautiful work. He was a bit darker, more subdued compared to my average work- but what color, what energy. He made those elongated brishstrokes, very dramatic edges. Great painter.
Now my show is coming closer. The Utrecht order didn't make it. Fate- destiny? Working on the painting "the pilgrims", it actually has a good painted frame on it, little windows- specks of light. I kind of like it- still not sure. To stretch or not to stretch? It is easier for the buyer to have a stretched piece, but some of my work really looks better "floated" on a canvas than stretch accross.
Going to see the play "Amadeus" tomorrow- looking- forward to it.
Thursday 4-12
Order over $200 worth of supplies from Utrecht. Mostly strechers, some mediums some colors. I think I'll ask for help streching them...
Sat 4-6-01
Went to Kathryn Daily's art reception yesterday. really great work- beautiful color and expression. Voodoo man is almost done. The postcard isn't clear enough, need to work on that. Also did a relative monochromatic piece of a landscape sketch in the mountains. Don't really know if it is done yet. Need to get ready to stretch - or what ever my latest work to get ready for the show. so many of them again...
It's always the same- either I mingle with people, or I get painting done...
Saturday March 21st- 12:20am
Got some henna again, practicing for Burning Man :) Well, henna tattoos are my gifts to the gods, because like sand paintings they don't last.
Thursday 3-22-01
Came back from new Orleans with a voodoo doll and some post cards. Let it all hang out. I think the piece is finished- now it needs to be stretched. Started a large long shaped landscape, from sketches I took by Steven's Pass. Have to go and pick up the film with more photos. Some black and white film from New Orleans as well- rainy day.
Bought some Henna- ready to start again. -Burning Man, got the ticket..
Tuesday 3-13-01
Feeling like I am getting closer. Working on 3 paintings right now- all of them evolve people/figures and situations. Finished the Messenger all the way, finally. The Messenger has lots of plaster with it, and sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't continue that technique.
Started another fire dancer, but figures started to appear in the background as well- symbolic of human interaction.
Human interaction seem to be the basis, not the action, not the movement alone, but also within.
I might have found a way to solve my dilemma with figures/shapes. Since I work on an expressive/symbolic platform I might simply use a common symbols to define what I am trying to say- a voodoo doll.
Thursday Feb. 8th
Turned everything off- being total hermit, needed it. Went and bought some yellow tulips and some small purplish weeds, started a painting. This time totally without gesso, while I am using gesso as my white base. Working from the back forward. Using the wedding lace I bought and the glass pearls to hang around the vase. Of course the flowers had to demonstrate their independence by having an internal clock that opens and closes the buds. Now I can't work on the flowers during the night :(
Also started another stylized piece of a fire dancer. I guess, movement and light are my main objectives.
Movement is an element in almost all pieces- rhythms
Friday Feb 2nd
Preview Art Show
Kind of odd actually, I haven't documented the progress of the Art Show...dumb...somehow I didn't put it all in it- lacked energy and execution on my part, bad- Wonder why I did that, why that happened?
I remember in the band we would talk about "Fear of Success". People that always sabotaged themselves from actually reaching their dream. I have been stressed out- but for all the wrong reasons...
NOW to the show itself.
BEAUTIFUL- totally successful- grand show. Nice atmosphere, great turn out- very cool. Amy did a great job :)
Been doing a lot of PR, way lot-. I don't do well artistically when I try to promote myself. I wish I could paint for 2 weeks without interruptions. Not a single soul around...quiet island with lots of sun, mountains behind me and ocean in front. Simple.
This man asked me today "if I breath". Made me think. I think sometimes I don't want to be there, that's when my breathing becomes shallow. As if I might become invisible if I only learned not to use up that much air. Apertures- opening and closing. I have been painting a lot with aperture, behind or within a lot of my paintings....
Well, in 12 hours I will be in the YMCA with Maureen- breathing. I think he has a point there- I do need to breath more.
Future- working on improvement. Carlos Santana said: "musicians should complement each other and not compete with one another." I think the same holds true for artists- maybe all of mankind. We should learn to complement each other and not compete. Maybe not completely original, but true nevertheless.

Saturday 1/20/01 Just hang a painting at the Smith Tower :))
"In Pink" 2000 Now I need to finish my application to the Seattle Arts Commission............................
Tuesday 1/15/01
Been painting daily since friday. Went into the "sacred space" piece and enhanced the lights- works better. Still don't know if it is perfect.. Did a short sketch on a firedancer- basic idea. Mostly working on the "pilgramege" piece, slowly the space is coming together. Since I didn't have a sketch or anything to go by, the space of the painting is being developed after the fact- kind of. Can make it rather complicated. Really want to get myself flowers to paint, but don't know which ones. Probably figure that one out when I actually buy them. Ordered some canvas today and some "sketch paint", cheap with bright colors.
Thursday January 11th
Pretty much scanned all the slides in. My slide scanner has a scratch and so I have this line going through all of them :( Tried for hours to fix it, didn't work. Added the new images to the screen savers and finished designing the jewel cases for the screen savers. Sofar good feedback. Working still more on the web, added a new guest book- but don't really know if it will work. ( this morning I don't seem to be able to get into it- again) Hate guest books, have had so much trouble with them, lost all this info on people that visited me... Possibly I'll have to learn some more programing before I actually get one that works fool-proof. Having a guest book is important to me.
View my guest book!
Finally did figure out a way to get to the raw html with the netscape composer- have to save the file on the hard disk before I can get into it, but then I can.
Haven't been painting, getting ready to. Need to make inventory of all the supplies I have- canvas and such.
Also need to fill out the competition materials I have and arrange a meeting with Amy for the upcoming art show. (Feb. 2nd) She wants to get cards for all of us, cost about $20, but that wouldn't include the 2nd show- so what to do? I want a photo of her building to paste onto the web invite page.
Wondering if I should separate the 2000 journal from the 2001 journal...thinking about it. ( and I did today)
Thursday January 4th, 2001
I searched the web for sites that have my art featured, and while I know there must be a lot who don't list me as the artist, there are enough that do. Interesting is that several italian web sites use works of mine- somehow my romanticism with italy must communicate to them. Also, the "Sea Nymph" piece is featured in a couple of sites, one of the more abstract pieces. Interesting and encouraging :)
Got the new slides back, and from what I saw so far they are good. Now I have to fill out that commission form to apply for money. I also need to make dubs- and scan them for the web. (still have to hook up my slide scanner, didn't need it until now- hope everything will work..)
Went back into the "Pilgrim" painting ( after the slide was taken), simply didn't like what was going on with the space- still don't know what I want with it- hope to figure it out soon.
Career- well, I am a german living in Seattle- need to use that somehow. I mean, it is true and my work always reflects my diverse background...
New Year's 2000/01, Circus Nefarious-Noise Brigade and artist potluck party
follow the link to find out what I did at the turn of the millenium

blocks art

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