Sunday, October 4, 1998

Carla Sindle, painter, art ring, Oct. 98, on "Web Art"

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Carla Sindle, painter, art ring, Oct. 98, on "Web Art"

I have come across some web sites that are slick and clever, full of the most up to date tools and gadgets- does that make them art? Are they created by artists- or constructed by craftsman? ( familiar question isn't it? " are you an artist or a craftsman?") AND, I have come across sites that are poetic, beautiful and inspiring-. Of course, that is my opinion- and I am glad I am not the one deciding which is which. Second, the art. To touch, to hold - to have. Generally verbs associated with visual art. Well, until now. Cyber art is not a material thing-( no holding and stuff). Does that change the aesthetics of the work? Only for the buyer I guess. The medium is different- the way of exposure is different, but it is art ( as far as my criterias are concerned ) I am a painter, my web art originates from a "traditional" art piece-( hey, I simply love to paint) but since I am the artist I take the liberties to change and continue working on my paintings once they are "inside" the computer ( great tools, stuff I couldn't do otherwise). In the end, the physical work of art is different than the digital work of art. They are interrelated but independent. I consider them both to be valid pieces of art ( depending on how valid I am as an artist I guess) As Aleski mentioned, it is a very complicated issue. Some of the works are "mixed media".Where does one end and the other start, and what makes it art anyway? In music we have come to accept computerized sounds, computerized sounds in combination with traditional sounds and instruments. Most of us can appreciate it as music. For the time being I feel that Aleski is right, 1) Development of this new form of art strengthens and it gets recognition 2) It is maybe the only field where R2001 can claim to to be the world-leader. 3) WebArt is so young and developing with huge leaps, thus offering incredible possibilities for developing something great. We should never walk away from something that today looks blurry, difficult, hard to comprehend - in the leading edge it is always like that. There is nothing bad, or weak in our past, but there is no reason not to walk ahead, and still maintaining the strengths from the past.

-- Carla G Sindle Symbolic Expressionism Art Shows and Updates Esoteric Galleries
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