Sunday, December 28, 1997

1997 and before

day before winter solstice. 12.22 we enter the photon belt. Show went well, sold a painting, sold magnets, calendars and prints. Can't really complain, ...but somehow not what I want. Going to start a site with progress notes.
11.25 Still very active, getting ready for the Christmas Art show, also making calendars- even if they don't sell, I'll have presents for Christmas. Doing ink drawings, I always have loved the feeling of the brush and the versatility of the technique. Will pick up a large order at Kinkos today, we'll see how that turns out. Should start to make frames for more of the magnets, people do seem to like them. How much higher should I price them? Also put together my first attempt at selling magnets over the web, got a new web site for it. 11.4 Full Moon mega stuff going on, been painting for 8 hours now, non stop...feels great! The "3 Spirits" is now more 2 spirits or something. All started with making a new banner for the esoteric art gallery banner exchange

I cut out the "third spirit", simply was too much noise, obstructed the meaning somehow. By taking out the figure I opened the space, and look there- magic. Should I change the title? Love it when things are cooking :0) Oct 22nd. have magnets covering the fridge. I think I did good. Figured out the exact setting for the printer to come up with good little images of my art. Was in the U district bookstore, bought this "clay like" stuff. Used it a lot- what 15 yeas ago....It is better than fimo, kind of like plaster of paris- but dries like fimo. easy to paint on with acrylic paint. Making little frames for them. Actually a good thing, not only because of appearance. By framing the magnets I make them stronger and easier to grab. Cool- mega cool, that might be the trick I was looking for. In theory I can even attach little hocks-,...not bad. So, what will I price them for? Should actually- for once- calculate my expenses.....but, then again- why bother. It is a nice reward to actually make money ( at least break even) with them, but actually that is not what I am after.
Oct 14th, haven't written for some time. Show at Ray's was good, doing another in december. Feel more confident about my art. Done good this year. Feel like I am following a clear direction.....that's all right now. Toby is almost done, the church from across the street is finished, the landscape is sold.
8.3.98 lot's up again. Taking down the show at the Oculus today. A couple of weeks ago I had 3 simultaneous shows. The Oculus show, my exhibit at Julian's Day Spa ( showing all my flowers) and a show at work. Sold one of the works at work, possibly 2. Well, the money for the car insurance in September is covered.- Been painting on a daily basis, kind of want to change my color palette- more white- less color intensity, of course still working on texture. Subject? Who cares- well, not really- still the same, landscapes/ flowers and women- gates and time portals. Thinking in a lot of metaphysical terms, need to figure out how to incorporate that more direct, somehow- without loosing my audience....The on line art auction has started on the first, have a couple of bids on my work- 10 and 12$, pretty funny, we'll see what happens. Kind of feels good to be one of the "pioneers", life is a gas.

7.16 I know, long time overdue. Fact, the show is up at the Oculus Gallery, has been since the 2nd. A Home Alive Benefit show. Was a strange reception, so in the absolute middle of the Gallery Walk, very strange. Had absolute painters block, this show stuff always does that to me. Finally bought some flowers. daisies- all in white. Were the only good flowers they had. Took almost 2 days to get to it, but now I actually think it has turned into something. Pretty high contrast. Planning for show at Rays house. August 29th and 30th. We'll be 5 artists. Lots of stuff going on in my head. Of course issues about art, philosophy- changing life perspectives, changes art ideas. Good, but complicated process. Came across some aryan garbage today. Nothing has changed. Want to research the roots some more again. That Abel and Cain thing. See what comes from it verses art. Could see myself documenting that in some way. Maybe research and clarify? Who knows. Simply can't believe that it is really in there.

6.9 Work is out of the colorbox, Kerstin and I needed some of the work to show to the Occulus Gallery. Possibly there will be a Home Alive show at the Occulus in July.....Still framing, now I am simply leaving the mider saw attached to the desk, doesn't seem to be in my way and this way framing is more of an organic thing instead of this big deal. Been woking on a landscape, reminding me of Nevada. Strange, whenever I miss a place that is when I paint it, somehow. Spend 80$ at Daniel Smith, got good supplies- makes it fun to paint with. Bought a huge thing of white- want to use white more, need to look at Kokoschka again, remember he uses a lot of white. To use white without turning it chalky or too pastell like.....Starting to feel like flowers again....

6.2 Colourbox show canceled- big story. Zapped most of my hope somehow, hate failure. Still framing and working on my River paintings. Now need to get the other landscapes I have loaned out to people. Opening my studio to people, kind of strange but I know I have the work they are looking for. I might not be an art star, but I am a very good painter.

Sunday May 24th. Speeding up. Framing works and starting to organize the places and the pieces I will hang. Home Alive show, Home Alive awareness July, Tea Parties, PMC in July. Looking for clamps to hang the ceramic paintings.

5.13doing little ceramic paintings. 2x3 types. Been doing homage to my heroes. 2 kokoschkas, 1 kandinsky and now 1 munch. all landscapes. love their colors. Meanwhile, working more on web sites. Found a great image tool on the web. For free, changed a lot of thumbnails. Been keeping statistics on the traffic of my site, and reinforcing those that have good traffic. Trying to encourage them to follow on to more sites. It's been raining, so the good weather for indoors activities.

5.8 Been extremely creative. It is funny that at times I can try my best to be inspired, but I simply can't get there, and at other times I am bubbling with it. Some weeks ago I was at the hardware store, again browsing around to see what I could possibly use, what looks interesting and might have potential to be come something. Bought bathroom tiles, total of 6. Since I came back from Europe I have painted 3 of them, with full miniature landscapes. The surface is really interesting somehow, I like the slickness and the paint still sticks to it. Have to say all 3 have turned out well- actually I really like them. Pictures into the soul. The Home Alive show was and is a total disaster.

5.2 Got a Kokoschka book today- 25$, but - absolutely gorgeous! I will pay homage to Kokoschka and do a series of his works. He deserves the honor, besides Nolde and Roult he is the influence on my work. I simply feel awe looking at his work. -Besides, it is great exercise and I should learn a bit. White, he uses pure white for some of his lights, need to check the black. He has more contrast of color, I have as much color- but stay bound inside a color scheme. His is lighter and brighter, well most of them.

May 1st, Beltane. Home Alive show hang on sunday, finished by thursday. Getting ready for PR for June. Toby the firedancer is probably done now. I am very happy with the movement and the composition of the piece, maybe work on the skirt more. Kind of stuck with the church painting, but simply not in a super realistic mood. Like 3 three church panels, still no clue on how to hang the stuff.

4.29 went to see a play. "Picasso at the Lapin Agile". Was actually really good. I liked the thought processes the characters went through. Maybe I even got my insight into future art. " how the artist reaches into the future" Picasso said, and his hand reached through space into a new dimension. Very powerful. I think I'm getting it- reaching for it. Then in another scene he spoke of how thought and process became more immediate, simultaneous. The time between both shortens, not 1 then 2, but 1 and 2 at the same time. Important. Needless to say, I really liked the play and wish I could see it again.
4.25 had good days painting. The church across the street is almost finished, waiting for another nice day. The choice between the immediate and the eternal.
The Firedancer is coming along. Still mega problems, but floating along. Toby, the dancer the painting was inspired by, doesn't really look like the painting, but I simply didn't have enough information to make it more realistic. All I know is that she was very beautiful and mesmerizing. Fire -such an ancient element with so much power. I hope the feeling- the message comes across. I will try to follow some firedancers, maybe even take photos or something...
Started on the large River version again. It will be a symbolic piece, well it already is while being an objective piece. Interesting how the 2 "separate" styles of painting are coming together.
Got all kind of new ideas on "framing", looking at all the choices and possibilities- very good.
Serge's gallery has improved my traffic. It is strange to think that a stranger (you?) is really reading all this. Isn't art fun?
4.17 kind of under painters block. Done a couple of small things, but really haven't painted much. shows for Home Alive been a real mess up,--------------
back from europe. Got 2 great CD's on art in florence, one on erotic art and one on Titan, excited to explore them. Ready to work on more landscapes, the tuscan landscape is simply breath taking- hope I stored some imagery in my mind to express the beauty on canvas. Starting to think about the show in June. The beacon hill landscape is done, but I want to do some more of the same motive, simply beautiful view. Need to plan on getting the loaned out landscapes back (2) and figure out how to exhibit my work- framed? same old problem... Gave away all my magnets to family- out of business cards as well. Back on Track. Also need slides of the new works, and have to get a scanner!!!!!! Absolute must, but so expensive. They have scanners for slides, and that is simply what I need, but they run 500 and up. "Toby the Firedancer" is coming along well, probably will not be in the show- well? Think I will call the show "Visions of Gaia". The Alternative Gallery is doing great, had almost 3000 visitors so far, in 3 month....Happy:))
2.18.98 I am working on 2 large pieces, that are very much in the beginning stages but promising. I am also trying to capture the impression Toby had on me when she danced with fire- in the woods in Bainbridge. I have allowed a lot of chance into the projects, without giving up total control- will see.
1.13.1998 Over the last couple of days I have redesigned almost all of my webpages. Experimenting with a new way to "publish" my images onto the net, by combining several images into one webpages.. seems to save a lot of loading time, but have to see it from an outside computer to determined if it really works out.
I lost all my old journal entries from 1997 ;(I had been saving them, after I would remove them from the website. Months of data lost- well- life goes on.So that nothing gets lost again, I am going to keep the complete journal on the net.
Serge asked me about the color red and how most occult artist don't use that color much. red, a color I am very comfortable with....So lost going on, still have some more geo pages to work on-.whenever i wonder about the future, it try to consider the reality that everything is possible.
in the future i will delete entries older than 3, unless they are connected ( 1.18.99, decided against that)

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