Friday, September 6, 2019

Feng Shui, Dream Castle - a new series

Feng Shui, seeing the world of energies through color and shape.
I enjoy working with that school of thought. The colors resonate within me and i understand their meaning well, the shapes still are somewhat ambiguous to me - I'm beginning to learn.
So colors and shapes, okay?  and how am I going to paint that?

that's when I had my epiphany
Years ago I had a similar problem.  my son is about 3 years old and I was trying to decorate his room with colorful art on the walls. I did not want athletes or sports or cars. While girls seem to have a large righty images to choose from, boys seems rather Limited. I had to make my own.

Looking around his room I found colorful wooden blocks. Since it was impossible for me to spend time in the Studio actually painting, I began doing mixed  media digital. I did mixed media digital for about five years but while I sold a lot of prints, postcards and such, it never got much "fine art" credit. I am an okay crafts artisan, but I am a much better artist. So I stopped and went back to straight art without digital.
..... but I never forgot the blocks really. 

and now I'm bringing them back and I'm very excited for so many reasons, that it will take another post to talk about

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