Saturday, August 24, 2019 epiphany

I had an epiphany some time back, realizing i had abandoned something and how to bring it back. the problem is, should i expose my new work, my new ideas on facebook - social media? to risky, at least for now. i want 5-6 new pieces ,then i can show it.
i am totally ecstatic about it, its perfect and will probably be the merger to fully brand me. as painter and artist the possibilities are endless...

i been looking at art, artist and listening to gallery owners - the politics of it all. i also put myself in their shoes, the buyer, the patron , the friend or investor. why would one want to enlarge my thumbnail?   and looks deeper to see my individuality? thousands of landscapes, trillions of sunsets..blues and yellows...why look at mine?

..Artist Trust - i became a member and reconnected with a good friend of mine.
 not loose my old work, she said, identify it by period. got it. by period sort of is time but also subject.

facebook. i will change privacy on almost all my works and albums. to scattered right now. later i can bring single, cleaned albums back on.

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