Friday, June 8, 2012

Innocence and art

Innocence- walking through studios and feeling the air of innocence-...does innocence bypass time? or is innocence crushed by time and its challenges and demands?
i have taught painting to students that never held a brush or mixed paint before. i encourage their search for themselves, remark on their vision and determination..."everyone is an artist, all of us can learn to be great" i hear myself say, but is it true? what happens when the eager innocent actually decide to make the plunge into the working world of art, isn't it my job to point out the millions of others that are there, pushing paint around, taking photos and expressing themselves? when is their vision good enough to communicate to others and when is it simply only personal and unable to reach others?
should one be able to "connect" to their work only after one reads the statement? shouldn't it reach without words? ....should art need to be explained?
i admit, i am a conservationist and rather opinionated. innocence alone will get crushed sooner or later, if there isn't any real talent behind it. if you choose to be a visual artist- don't have words explain your visual vision to me.

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