Friday, June 15, 2012

finally- a block of time in the studio

sometimes it is hard to get into the studio. sometimes I feel too tired and uninspired to stay for long. tonite i finally got a good block in and almost finished up the commission piece, finish the edges of the frame and i am done :)
on tile 1998, sold
my current process takes a lot of time to dry in between, which lets me work on other pieces in different stages while i wait. i figured out a long time ago that i like working on several pieces at the same time, because i can activate my current emotions better that way. sometimes i feel quiet, sometimes explosive
so while i was prepping a work for the "spirits and monsters" show in october, i thought about teaching my new developed method to others. i like to share, but i am also would i feel if another artists starts to work the way i do and doesn't give me credit for it? "steal" my style?
...but wouldn't it be also cool if others would work like i do?

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