Tuesday, January 3, 2012

snowball effect in facebook

so you all know why i am on facebook- networking? hmmm, more like artistic inspiration really.  i collect art and artists from around the world, my facebook philosphy clearly states: "
  • i admit it- i just want you for your art, i want to see your work-
    art is a language, diverse- cultural and personal. while we all see and experience differently, the collective wisdom is universal. art subsidizes what just one would understand. i need to feel your reality to understand

    so- i went on a crusade to befriend anybody that had more than 200 friends in common with me.
    about 2 weeks ago i started with 1322 friends and now i have 2459. (update:1/6/2012 =2553) now some people on facebook that i don't really know have over 700 friends in common with me.
    I stopped asking for fb friends yesterday, but now friends of friends are asking me to become their friend. LOL- seriously this game is fun
    I am excited to climb through the mountains of new work- new places. Uruguay- yeah, it's like being on an expedition. more art from "NOW" not in a book, digested by someone else, but pure posted by the artists.
    ...i am excited


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