Monday, January 23, 2012

another rejection? what the....

(updated 1/28/02 didn't get rejected, got a show-need to control my temper. luckily i didn't send off an email i composed..)
really? over and over again a punch in the face, over and over again i sell another piece of is this going to go on like this forever? rejection-while people are loving my work and buying it. "gutsy" one of my friends called my work :), "alive" say others. good-good. beautiful- colorful-vibrant-, good. my patrons, of which there are many over the last 20years enjoy my art,- good. so? I have my heroes, i have a history...Nolde, Kirchner, their work has the rough line, gritty feel...uncertainty of time and place. - ahhh, still angry- sad- how depressing it is. it wasn't even a gallery, only a little dark restaurant in the middle of nowhere. why do i care. yes, my ego-, need to get over that. need to remember the bigger picture.
working on a commission today :) I like patrons, i mean really like them- they "see" and "feel" the way I do.
This commission piece was released by the owner to go for sale on saachi and fineartamerica.
It will run a limited edition of 100.

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