Monday, December 19, 2011

if you can't deal with punk rock talk or thought, you shouldn't read this...

...last friday was a benefit for Maria Mabra. there were familiar faces, 15 years older, punk  rock talk (words i don't want my kids to hear or say) and trashing punk rock music.,...i haven't listened to much of "my music" lately. it gets the kids all excited and pumped, usually not what i need in my house...
as the band started to thrash i found myself tight and stiff, unable to really get the tempo or the beat...until i asked myself the crucial question: "is there something i am angry about, feel helpless and betrayed?" fuck yeah! instantly i got the rhythm and enjoyed the show...
angry? sure- don't know where to start or where to stop about it. poisoned apples at the groceries, lies on TV and dirty tricks by those in power. ...what else is new.. with my age and disposition (quiet, understanding and analytical) one doesn't see the fire of anger underneath my skin, my coping mechanism... here it is, the truth without screens and tinted lenses:
1. i hate stupid decorative art, little trees, little dolls, little flowers, little birds. why would one waste the time do make those? can't they find some at the goodwill and recycle it?
2. oh, don't know what to do with your life? become an artist? lets make dots every where and call it fractals? really? do you even know what a fractal is? taking orders by color, huh? make it fit under the couch, right?
3. oh yeah, call yourself an artist because you been making art for what 5 years....wanna see where you are in 8?
4. art buyers...follow those that tell you what is good, since you don't have enough emotions to figure it out for yourself. don't dare to think different, they just might not want to be your friend anymore
5. and finally art sellers, just trying to make a buck...give the people what they want and not what they need =spells success, support the clueless following of mediocre work  and "art fashion", robbing art of its true purpose. poisoning peoples souls with sugar candied lies
i fucking hate all you art posers, the way i hated all those punk posers...regardless if i am 20-30 or going towards 50
which reminds me of that cute little punk rock girl at the show, early 20s, that growled at me :))
oh, little girl; clothes don't make people, slogans don't either...only time can tell who is and who isn't on your side. long time ago this african american laughed at me and said:"just watch, all your "friends" will change sides once they get their 1st real paycheck"- i cried, i was so angry...angry to instinctively know that this would be the truth

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