Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bilanz- the last 18 month

Went to Ballard last weekend after my friend Diane Culhane invited me to her studio. She is a very beautiful person and I simply love her work. It's true art, a melodic dreamscape with depth and poetry.

..been burned out, a lot of shows, events, pressures and expectations. expectations i put on myself, of course. i have meet so many new and great people, reacquainted myself with old ones in a new way. Yes, old- but unique...does the truth show in the end? 2012 is approaching, the year of the dragon. generally the tiger in me does well with that type of energy, we'll see.

as always i am utterly confused about what to do next or where to my niche. ....not totally true:

1. i am starting to look at "top art blogs", it's a way to connect to art now and explore structure and success
2. adwords
             -so that's the business side, well some of it.

the next part is more esoteric, philosophical
"oh i do landscape, flowers and toys" tis, what's that?
"oh i paint traditional work on canvas and do mixed media digital" huh? what's that?

point is, i don't care what it is. the what is not important. it's the connection....

now reality is: this is not a hobby, i need people to understand and relate, or i am not doing my job; which makes me feel unfulfilled and simply depressed :(
so i need people to want to have my work, or why do it? like if my work doesn't "talk enough" to make it worth others people time and money, i better find a new way...

.. that kind of talk is not giving anybody credit! all my patrons? my abilities? years of creating and selling art?...

i have seen a lot of "bad" art lately, my humble opinion that is...i know nothing and as older i am getting the more confused i am.

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