Monday, August 8, 2011

Toys and toying around

got some more ideas on the toy series, while i should be doing "business" 2 shows coming up, got 2 shows up- what am i going to do with it all? not in the mood to play "business person", want to create- put my vision down. that's business. they even called me at home, trying to get me to agree on something...$ of course. "takes money to make money" ha, hahaha. listening to the world economy i don't even want to hear the word money anymore. not clear on what i want to do with them...maybe i do some more house chores to get my mind, having people see you.
Fine Art America is an interesting place to observe. when i vote for a contest, i never have time to look at everything. all that noise. i randomly go through the odd numbered pages and try to pick something.
Work of Art Contest- on FB, is a similar problem. ....besides, do i really want to look at it all? i know what i find valuable, important in art and i'd rather look at one artist then a thousand.
Sinclair Wang said it :" to many peddlers and not enough customers"
some things have time- others don't..the best things get better over time, hold their value

toys paintings

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