Thursday, August 25, 2011

banned from facebook

kind of wish someone would say that to me.
been camping somewhere where it is warm. only the basics- make food- clean up food- work up an appetite-make food-clean up food- roast marshmallows and go to sleep. only 3 days, hopefully enough.

recently i removed myself from a very, very good facebook group of artists. i had been with them for about a year and got way too involved. i just left one day. not my main goal in life.
asked a fb friend that had interesting friends for a good new group. i love facebook, nothing has changed- but i am clear about what i don't want from facebook.
artists inspire me. art inspires me. i want to see more new 2d work. not someones elses views of someones vision. their own vision.
todays painting is called
"Death of an Angel"
acrylic on canvas 1995 (?)

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