Wednesday, May 18, 2011

psychology of self...and cheap prints

...envy, oh how i envy those that don't know over the years i have come to terms with envy, mostly that is. ever so often i feel that sharp pain, the one that wants me to scream and tear things apart, a helpless feeling full of anger. finally i am trying to understand it, especially when it comes to art. so what is it that they have/do that i want so much, and why don't i just find it and do it myself?

to be able to "find it" so to speak, i have to jump my shadow first and admit that there is something i want and don't have. i have to give credit where credit is due..then i will be able to learn, learn enough to go and "get it" for myself.
...printing...there are giclee prints and there are prints. regular prints are no more than a basic sketch, just good enough for me to use as a guide and go on.
Image: "Motherday" 2011 ADM (Art in Digital Media), not fully completed (i think) Probably want to print it on fine art paper....

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