Monday, May 9, 2011

art, luise rinser, black beetles and politics

i remember reading luise rinser and she mentioned that a friend and her decided not to talk about politics any more, since they generally disagreed and got angry.after analyzing all types of topics they could talk about, they realized all of them eventually feel into the category of politics.

i have been a participant with WOA for a while now, and was looking at the art entries submitted to WOMAX. One artist, very interesting type of symbolism, had asked me somewhat odd questions before and i was interested in what type of art he would support/like and submit. well, this friday the theme was "people". he submitted a political piece questioning the USA recent actions of the military. i didn't comment. ..but i decided to "turn the page" so to say by entering lots of images of my work with people. i got tons of "people" art from when i did all the punk rockers -those that would sit still, and now all the kids i have done work with. life is more important than waging wars. ...then i got a bit "pushy" by wishing everyone a happy friday (sorry not as saintly as i would like to be). he got back to me

BUT i mean really. floods, earth quakes and tsunamis, climate changes and crops die off, food is full of pesticides, soil is tainted with "micro plastic" elements, sunscreens give us cancer, mad cow decease and everybody pretends it is a myth, nuclear reactor that bubbles out radioactivity and the ocean is polluted with tons of i really need to go on? and now i am supposed to get excited, angry about a possible injustice? my children need food on the table, regardless of who thinks they want to wage war against whom...that's basically not going to fix any of this.

then this great women artist from Indonesia named me in the title of a religious painting with a poem in it, that i am unable to translate. it's not a tag, one can remove a tag- it's in the title and i don't have access to that. i don't like my name on something i don't understand, especially when it is religious. she does not return my messages... beetles..a couple of days ago i saw a black beetle. i don't like seeing them, last time i saw 2 at once my mother died..

flower paintings

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